Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Kellogg Cereal Deal at Albertson's

The Kellogg Cereal Deal is back at Albertson's! Buy 4 cereals for $14, Get 3 Free, PLUS get 3 coupons for a Gallon of Milk at checkout! So you're getting 7 boxes of cereal and 3 gallons of milk for only $14. Pair this with our awesome Kellogg printables we got a couple weeks ago and you've got yourself a heck of a deal - 7 boxes of cereal and 3 gallons of milk for only $14. Plus, there's an in-ad coupon to get a box of Pop-Tarts for $0.99 when you buy 4 Kellogg Cereal that you can combine with this deal!

I just heard that some of the Kellogg coupons might be expired. I did the deal 3 times this morning with no problems but I didn't check my coupons beforehand, so I hope they were good! The word on the street is that some of them have different expiration dates, so depending on when you printed them, they might still be good!

Even without the coupons, it's still a great deal! I typically pay $1.99 for a gallon of milk so the 3 free gallons of milk are worth $6 to me (though each coupon is good for up to $3). So basically without coupons, it would be like paying $8 for 7 boxes of cereal. Pretty cool!

My Albertson's Trip - 6-3-09

I had a pretty good haul at Albertson's today! I went specifically for the Kellogg deal but found a couple of unexpected deals too! I made 3 transactions to get this all in.

21 boxes of Kellogg Cereal - 4 for $14, get 3 Free & 3 Free Gallon of Milk Coupons
Used: 19 $1/1 Kellogg printables - no longer available (and see Kellogg Deal post for details)
Final Price: $1.10 each plus 9 free gallons of milk!

1 Kellogg Pop-Tarts - $2.49
Was supposed to use coupon in ad to make it $0.99 but forgot to use coupon! :(

4 Mars Candy Bars - $0.99 each
Used: 4 Free Mars Candy Bar coupons from - max coupon value: $0.85
Final Price: $0.19 each (should've checked my coupon fine print first!)

1 Oscar Mayer Jumbo Beef Franks - $4.69
Used: 1 Free Oscar Mayer Beef Franks coupon - max coupon value: $4.50
Final Price: $0.19 (again, should've read the fine print!)

2 Clorox Bleach - $1.67 each
Used: $2/1 printable from Clorox MomWire
Final Price: Free plus $0.33 overage!

3 Glade Fabric & Air Refreshers - $4.29 each
Used: Free item peelie on bottles
Final Price: Free!

2 - 1 lb pkg Laura's Lean Ground Beef
Reduced for Quick Sale - $3.26 and $3.11

2 - 1.2 lb pkg Honeysuckle White Ground Turkey
Reduced for Quick Sale - $2.49 each

2 Honeysuckle White Turkey Breast Cutlets - $4.34 and $3.74 ($2.99/lb)
Gain Dryer Sheets - $4.39
1 Little Debbie Nutty Bars - $1.00 (Impulse Buy)
2 Bush's Baked Beans - $2 each
7 Albertson's Canned Tomato Products - $0.89-0.99 each
Downy Wrinkle Releaser - $3.99 (special request from my Grandma!)
1 Loaf of Bread - $1.59 (not pictured)
2 Dreyer's Dibs - $2.50 (not pictured)

2 Double Sunday Papers
One rang up $2.00 and the other rang up $2.89, not sure why the difference???

Total OOP: $76.67
Total Savings: $104.30 (58% Savings)

Since I got 9 coupons for a free gallon of milk and each of those coupons is worth up to $3 each, if you factor in that additional savings it brings my total savings up to $131.30 or 73%. It would have been even better if I'd just stuck to the sale items!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Giveaway Roundup: 6-2-09

I'm busy entering various blog giveaways, so I'll be rounding them all up here for you. I've been entering tons of giveaways lately and so far I've actually won a few things! It really is possible!!

Rachel at Surviving The Stores is giving away a free one night stay to at the Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine, TX, which includes two days at the waterpark! I've been dying to stay there! Giveaway ends June 9th.

Your Coupon Buddy is giving away a $10 gift card to JCPenney for their weekly Hump Day giveaway. Contest ends June 6th.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Yummy Orange Chicken

My daughter loves the Orange Chicken she gets at school and has been begging me to make some at home so tonight I finally gave it a shot. It turned out way better than I even imagined! It was so yummy that she polished off all the extra!

I used this wannabe Panda Express Orange Chicken recipe from RecipeZaar and it worked beautifully! I was worried at first because I realized at the last minute that I was out of Soy Sauce but I used this Soy Sauce Substitute. I have to say this was amazingly close to real Soy Sauce! I was definitely impressed! I also omitted the chili pepper and the onion because I didn't have any handy.

All in all, I think we have a new favorite!!

My Old Navy Score with $75 off $100 coupon

If you haven't heard by now, and I don't know how you could avoid it because I've been shouting it everywhere, I scored one of those awesome $75 off $100 coupons from last night!!!

My daughter and I went today and got some great deals. (Sorry for the crappy picture, I only had a camera phone to work with.)

2 Women's Perfect Tees - $10 each
2 Women's Ruched Crochet-Trim Henleys - $14.50 each
3 Pair Panties - 3 for $12
1 Women's Denim Mini Skirt - $15
2 Girls' Crochet-Trim Camis - $4.99 each on clearance (Only 1 is pictured because she put the other one on and ran out the door before I could snap the pic!)
2 Girls' Printed Cap-Sleeve V-Neck Tees - 2 for $10
1 Girls' Denim Mini Skirt - $15

Rang up $120.14 after tax. But then the lady scanned my awesome coupon and my total was....


Apparently, there's a glitch in their computer that caused the coupon to take off $100 instead of just $75! I paid less than $1 for each item!!! And now my daughter and I have matching denim minis! Oh Happy Day!!!