Monday, June 1, 2009

My Old Navy Score with $75 off $100 coupon

If you haven't heard by now, and I don't know how you could avoid it because I've been shouting it everywhere, I scored one of those awesome $75 off $100 coupons from last night!!!

My daughter and I went today and got some great deals. (Sorry for the crappy picture, I only had a camera phone to work with.)

2 Women's Perfect Tees - $10 each
2 Women's Ruched Crochet-Trim Henleys - $14.50 each
3 Pair Panties - 3 for $12
1 Women's Denim Mini Skirt - $15
2 Girls' Crochet-Trim Camis - $4.99 each on clearance (Only 1 is pictured because she put the other one on and ran out the door before I could snap the pic!)
2 Girls' Printed Cap-Sleeve V-Neck Tees - 2 for $10
1 Girls' Denim Mini Skirt - $15

Rang up $120.14 after tax. But then the lady scanned my awesome coupon and my total was....


Apparently, there's a glitch in their computer that caused the coupon to take off $100 instead of just $75! I paid less than $1 for each item!!! And now my daughter and I have matching denim minis! Oh Happy Day!!!

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