Thursday, April 30, 2009

Even More Printable Coupons!

Go to or print coupons from the widget in my sidebar to get $1/1 Kellogg's Cereals. There's one for Frosted Flakes, Frosted Mini-Wheats, Corn Pops, Raisin Bran, Froot Loops, Apple Jacks, Special K, and Rice Krispies (8 separate coupons that you can print 2x each!!!)

Go here for $2/2 Purell Hand Sanitizer. That is IF you can find it anywhere! I went this afternoon to pick some up for my daughter and they were almost completely out of any kind of hand sanitizer at my Walgreen's! Getting scary out there!

Click here for $1/1 any one Pert Plus shampoo. Some varieties are included in the Tom Thumb Living Well promo.

Here's one for $1/5 Weight Watcher's Smart Ones Products.

And another one for $1/1 Evercare Roller or Refill. This is different than the one on, so you can print two of these too and have a total of 4 coupons!

Click here for $0.75/2 Lucky Leaf Pie Filling. I use these to make my Homemade Gourmet Texas Cobblers and Old Fashioned Apple Crisps! Yummy!!!

Save $0.55/1 Hillshire Farm Lunchmeat. Deli Select varieties are included in Living Well promo.

Save $0.50/1 Angel Soft Toilet Paper, 6 Double-Roll or larger

Save $0.50 on 2 Big Rolls or 1 2-pack or larger of Viva Paper Towels. This one would only let me print once. :( The 6 roll packages are included in the Living Well promo.

Save $0.55/1 Mann's Fresh Cut Vegetables. The BROCCOLI CARROTS & CELERY, CELERY CARROTS & GRAPE TOMATOES and CELERY CARROTS & SUGAR SNAP PEAS varieties are included in the Living Well promo.

And Save $1.50/1 Bertolli Frozen Meal. Certain varieties are included in the Living Well promo. Click here for a full list of all participating products in the Living Well promo, courtesy of Bob at

A little tip for printing all these coupons: You can hit your back button and usually print two of each coupon. Most coupons only take up the very top portion of a sheet of paper with a large ad or recipe underneath. I typically print the first coupon and then insert the sheet of paper back into my printer so that the other coupon prints on the back of the paper on the opposite end of the first one. I recommend testing this with some unimportant document to determine exactly how to put it in your printer before trying it on a coupon, but it helps cut down on the amount of paper wasted.

Also, make sure your printer is on a lower quality setting. The coupons do not need to be printed at the same quality as your photos and such that you normally print. By setting your printer at a lower setting, you can save a great deal of ink!

Happy Printing!!

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