Monday, April 13, 2009

Good Shopping Day!

I ran a few errands when I picked the girls up this afternoon and I think I did pretty well! I went to The Plant Shed in Keller in search of a few more plants for the veggie garden I'm planting tomorrow. I picked up 2 buttercrunch lettuce plants and a rosemary plant for under $4 total. Then we went to the Rufe Snow Farmer's Market to pick up some fresh veggies and I found a big bucket of about 8 pounds of over-ripe bananas for $2. My friend and I split the bananas and we're gonna make up a big batch of banana bread to freeze.

I also stopped by the Mrs. Baird Thrift Store on my way home and cashed in my punch card that I filled up last week to get a free loaf of bread and a free snack cake. And since I purchased a few other items and my total was over $6, I also got to pick a free loaf of bread from their "free item" table! I ended up with 3 loaves of bread, 7 cherry cinnamon rolls and a package of english muffins for $6.88. I'd have done a lot better without the cherry cinnamon rolls but they are a rare treat in our house.

All in all I thought it wasn't too shabby for a few impromptu stops!

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  1. Sounds like a great shopping day to me! I havent been to a Mrs Bairds bakery in probably 10 years! Since we were at Fort Hood I think. wow. I should see if there's one around here.