Sunday, May 31, 2009

Fresh Express/Chiquita Fresh Funds

Fresh Express/Chiquita Fresh Funds is a promotion from Chiquita and Fresh Express that allows you to collect points from specially-marked packages to redeem for cool prizes and bid on auctions for even cooler items!

And right now, there is a code that will allow you to get 50 bonus points to get you started! Just enter the code FRESHFUNDS for 50 free points!

Thanks to Freebies4Mom for this latest discovery! I had two bags of salad in my fridge with codes on them that almost went to waste!

NWA Deals says that you can find codes on specially-marked bag of Chiquita and Fresh Express products will have a Fresh Funds point on the back of the package. Here's a List:

Fruit & Veggie Bites

Fresh Express
Crispy Lettuce
Tender Lettuce Mixes
Flavorful Whole Tender Leaf Blends
Complete Salad Kits
Specialties* (Organics not included)

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