Thursday, May 21, 2009 Coupons Are Up!

They're up early tonight! Old Navy is giving out coupons on their site each week. The site updates each Thursday night (used to be late night/early Friday AM, but now it seems to be earlier Thursday evening) with new coupons. You have to perform little actions with the supermodelquins in order to make the coupons appear. Here's the info I got from

$60 off $100 = take yellow pail from Owen and drag to water in swimming pool with Heather and Josh, then drag pail to Wesley, Kimmy, and Michelle. Continue until box is full of water (GONE for now)

$45 off $100 = take spray can from Heather and drag to Amy twice (GONE for now)

$20 off $100 = drag orange/white striped bag to Heather's right hand

$15 off $75 = play video, click coffee in Josh's hand at .10 and click Heather's belly at .04 or all the flip flops she's holding at .05/.06

$10 off $50 = put Wesley's head back on his body

$5 off $50 = click Kelly's bottle in her hand

Even though the best coupons are gone for now, check back throughout the week because they randomly add more sometimes.

Don't forget! Old Navy flip-flops will be $1 this Saturday morning, in-store only! My cashier said they sold out last year by 10:30am so get there early!


  1. Wow! Great q's...sure wish I would have grabbed one of those $60 off coupons ;)

  2. Me too! I try every week hoping this time I'll get lucky, but no dice so far. :(