Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ways to Earn a Little Extra

As a WAHM, I am always looking for ways to bring in a little extra to help the family budget. I've rounded up a few of the highlights here for you. Rest assured, if I have included a program here, it is one that I personally have received money from before.
Get paid to read ads. It only takes a few minutes to sign in, click on a few ads and collect your money each week. And every Friday, YouData automatically transfers the balance you earned directly into your paypal account, no matter how big or small it may be. I love that you don't have to wait for any crazy minimum level before you get your money! Since mid-December I've earned about $15 through YouData. That may not seem like much but every little bit counts and I maximize my earnings by using it to order additional coupons from to save even more on my weekly shopping trips! So I can easily turn a few dollars earned into an extra $30-40 savings at the grocery store! Click here to sign up with YouData and start earning money today! is a search engine that pays you to search the internet! Use every time you search and you can earn "Swagbucks" that are redeemable for all kinds of merchandise in the SwagStore. For as little as 45 Swagbucks, you can get a $5 gift certicate! Or save them up for something even bigger, like a $20 Target E-Gift Card for 220 Swagbucks. Click here to start searching today!
I love shopping through When you sign up with, you earn cash back on purchases from hundreds of stores. All you have to do is visit the website and click on the store you want to shop at. Most stores earn between 1-4% cash back plus you can still use any coupons or discounts you may have to save even more. I used for just a small fraction of my Christmas shopping and earned $21.62 in cash back! Checks are sent out quarterly as long as you have over $5.01 in your account. Sign up today!
Get paid to read email! I spend a few minutes each day clicking on the emails from and earn $0.02 for every email I read. There are other opportunities to earn money by completing offers and such but those are completely optional. Once you have earned $30, you can request a check be sent to you for your earnings. Again, certainly no get rich quick scheme but an easy way to earn a little bit extra! Join today!
This site is just like Use them both to maximize your earnings. Click here to sign up!

So what are your favorite ways to earn a little extra money? Post them in the comments below!

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